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Totoro Field Thermal Lunch Set

UGC 427404

Join Totoro in the height of spring with the Totoro Fields Collection, featuring bentos, cutlery sets, bags, drink bottles, and more!

Product Description

Totoro and his friends Mini Totoro and the beloved sootballs are enjoying the rays of spring sunshine on the pale green lid of this adorable Totoro Field Thermal Lunch Set. 

This lightweight set is all you need for lunch! This set comes with a Totoro embossed lunch bag, two small stackable containers, an insulated meal container, and a fork with a case! Use the insulated container for rice or an entrée and the smaller containers for side dishes. The lid of the lunch bag also features a small mesh pouch- perfect for storing sauce packets or seasonings! When you’ve packed up all of your delicious food, the two stackable containers fit neatly next to the insulated container and cutlery set, so your food stays upright while you travel. 

Product Details

  • M Size
  • Total capacity of 560 ml:
    Thermal unit: 240ml (54 degree, up to 6 hours), side boxes: 160ml x 2.
  • Dimensions: Boxes inside of carrying case 173 x 130 x 90 ml
  • Thermal unit keeps your food warm. Lining of carrying case is designed to keep heat.

Product Care


  • Hand wash 
  • The two side boxes are microwave safe, make sure to remove lids.